expectations and reflection

March 31, 2010 mdirocco

I hope to learn how different colors interact with each other. What colors portray certain emotions. The history behind color, the people and events involved in that history. I would like learn about the art of painting and what kind of effect that can have on color. I also want to learn about the different types of color and why there are so many. I expect this class to have lots of projects. I think it’s going to be a challenging class, I haven’t taken this type of class before. I expect each project to have many different steps and within each step there are going to be complicated little steps.  I’m going to learn about many different colors and their compliments. I hope to become a creative person, I would like to learn how color can affect me.

I think Andy Warhol was trying to portray Von Goethe’s color wheel throughout his image.  He it looks like he was trying to use like colors in each image, one’s that would provide different focal points in each painting. He used the same shades on Goethe’s color wheel in his painting. He was showing off Goethe as a person bu using the different colors. Andy Warhol was expressing himself through this picture. He was trying to show off his craft. Warhol is making his staple in time with this painting. It is contemporary and different. He wasn’t afraid to be unique and paint what he wanted. Warhol was ahead of his time and many artists after him looked to him for inspiration


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