Black and White Pictures :)

April 7, 2010 mdirocco

For Easter every year my family and i always make Jello Eggs. I liked the diversity of the colors, the blue ones attract my eye and they taste very good too :).

There are nine values in this picture. I look at the darker values first but i like the transparency of the lighter ones. It’s cool how different these eggs look in black and white.

My favorite colors are pink and purple and I love flowers. This is why I  choose this as my sheets for college. The main part of this picture are the purple and pink flowers.

In the black and white photo there are six values. I notice the leaves in this picture. Obviously I notice the flowers but i like the value of the leaves in this photo better than the colored leaves in the other photo.

I made hard boiled eggs for Easter 🙂

I choose this picture because I liked all of the different colors. My family and I died the eggs and  then put on the foil over the color. We used the glue that came with the kit and we were able to get these colors to stick. The eggs are so pretty.

In this picture there are fourteen different value’s. Unlike the colored picture in this one you really notice the foil on the eggs. Since you can no longer see the color of them, the focal part of this picture is now the foil on the eggs.


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