Colored Pictures :)

April 14, 2010 mdirocco

the yellow on the miscarera is eye catching. Maybline probably made it that way so that it would be. they made the lettering violet because violet and yellow are compliments.

This style of yellow is not as bright as the one in the commercial picture. It's the color of the time and used in a lot of different buildings.

This is a giraffe that my roommate painted in our mod. It's from Disney classic The Lion King.

For orange I choose the orange she is holding in the picture. It's not a huge orange but still noticeable.

There are spots of orange around the edge of this photo. This brings your eye to the outer part of the picture The red rectangles around the edge of this picture frame the photo that's on the inside.

His button on his chest is orange. It is the orange of the time or the way the picture is drawn.

The red flower on her face brings your eyes right there. I didn't see her eyes until i looked at the picture for awhile.

Napoleon's red cloak is the main focus in this picture. It shows his authority through how vibrant it is.

This red violet shoe is different but still common enough that it will sell well.
Thia is the elephant on the other side of my mod. Again it was drawn by roommate to represent one of the elephants from The Lion King.
The picture frame is an odd color which is why it’s very eye catching.

The violet back round of this picture is eye catching. Especially since the person is black.

The violet in this room are ascents. It brings the room together and it also brings some color into the room.

The violet hippo in this picture is cute. It is on the outside of one our bathrooms in the convocation center.

The blue sky behind this model is a good contrast to her light skin. The dark bathing suit and her dark hair is also a good contrast.

Napoleon's coat is very official blue. It shows off his authority, and lets people know he has presence.

This is a picture of one of the characters from the movie Car's. It is the blanket on my roommates bed.

These are odd colors of these shoes are different but are in style for the Victorian time.
The blue green of her nails are eye catching and such a pretty color.

This is a blue green pen sitting on my desk. I love the color that it writes.

The green mountain dew machine is the only thing i see at first glance. It makes me think of mountain dew and how good it tastes. That is probably the point of this picture.

This green is used to compliment the pink trim and the picture in the middle.

The green from the leaves bring color into the mod. The walls are so bland, now with the green they aren't.

The yellow green is not a main point of this picture but it brings my eye up to the top of this picture.

The yellow green window and door are a great contrast to the blue and gold walls.

This is a picture of a container on my desk. I choose it because I liked the yellow green lid.


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