Final Reflection Questions

June 9, 2010 mdirocco

I see HUE as the purest color. It is the colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, violet and green. It is the color by it self. The project that taught me the most about HUE would be the Color Wheel.  We had to paint all of our colors and with the primary and secondary Hues we only had to paint one swatch. This made me a appreciate the Hue of the color because there wasn’t  a lot of painting involved. I only had to worry about the strokes of my brush and not the way the color was going to turn out. I also learned that some colors even in their purest form can be either warm or cold. I  had a different tempera paint then everyone else, in my set me red was cold and my orange was warm. This made those two colors appears differently on my color wheel. It didn’t make a big difference but I could see it, when we all put our projects up on the board. Presenting the Color Wheel was fun, as was doing that project.

Saturation or Intensity is how bright or dull a color can be. I utilized saturation in the final project. The middle panels on both the A and B board were suppose to be very intense. While putting my pattern together for those two panels, it was bothering my eyes. In the first bright panel the red triangles against the blue background was hard to look at. They were both bright colors so while laying them I had to keep blinking to keep my eyes focused on what I was putting down and not on how intense the colors were. The other panel with intensity was the second one on the contemporary side. The background of that one was an intense purple and the triangle were a dull green. It  looked like they were coming off of the page, this one was especially hard to look at for a long period of time. Intensity is hard to look at, when the colors are too intense.

Value is the light and darkness of a color. It was the first part of color we learned about but I didn’t quite understand it until we did the ten line problem. I found it challenging to match up the same value of the gray scale with those of the colored scale. The grays had such slight variations in their lightness that painting those variation with color was hard. I tried to paint as many light values as I had dark values but in the end i ended up having to many dark values. The value of a color can change slightly from gray rectangle to the next that finding those slight differences in color was no easy task. I repainted some of my squares towards the end of the project but still couldn’t get the matches on some of the values just right. Value is the hardest out of all three to work with because if a color is to light or dark it will mess up the entire look of the project.

I learned the most from the Color Wheel. It was the first time we were painting with color. I had to make sure I had a better quality of line with the brush strokes. I also learned how to change the value and saturation of a color just by adding black or white. Way to many times during that project I added to much black to a color or not enough white. By the end I had it down to science, how much black or white to add to what color. Besides mixing paint we also got to create our own design for the color wheel. I choose a flower because I love all types of flowers. I was so happy with my final product, my flower turned out great.

My favorite project of the quarter was the distance project. It was the first one that we could use our color aid which meant no more painting. I was thrilled about that. I choose distance instead of emphasis because I thought it would be harder to do. I liked that I could change the saturation and size of my bows and it made them appear as though they were getting farther and farther away. The one challenge I had with my distance project was my background I had to make sure it didn’t over power my bows. In the end I don’t think it did. I also liked the colors inmy project they weren’t to bright or to dull. They were exactly the way I like my pinks and greens to look. Distance was a fun project to do.


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