Repeat Pattern

This is the second panel, control B. I love the first one it is contemporary. The second one is to bright for me, it hurts my eyes to look at it. The third is to lite, it looks like it has been sitting outside and has faded away.

This is the first panel, I like the middle one the best. The first one I can tell that it is based on a historical and the last one you can barely tell there is anything on it.

The first image it the historical picture. The two panels are the color inventories for my contemporary and historical control panels.

This project took such a long time to complete. I like the end product I didn’t like  how much time it took to do it. It is cool to see how the pattern evolves by just changing the colors. My favorite one is the contemporary one, the control B. Its not to bright to dull or to faded. I enjoyed doing that one, the others were hard to get through.

These are my interpretation of my historical color inventory.I choose the one one the left.

These are my first steches for my repeat pattern. I wasn't sure what i wanted to do but I knew it had to do something with shapes.

I choose 3 of the preliminary and did one version of three and 2 versions of one.

It was hard to get these exactly right. I liked the extra help. She showed me different ways to look at the colors.

The two colors look like one was very challenging. The girls that came in helped me with that one a lot. The value one wasn't bad but at was still kinda of off before I recieved the help.


Picasso, Jar with garlands, 1957, detail from image in Picasso: Sculptor and painter in clay edited by Marilyn McCully

[Twelfth Air Force, woman’s scarf, United States, ca. 1942, detail from image in Wearing Propaganda

Battlefields, cotton kimono fabric, Japan, 1930s, as shown in image from Wearing Propaganda: textiles from the home front in Japan, Britain, and the United States, 1931-1945 edited by Jacqueline Atkins


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