Final Reflection Questions

I see HUE as the purest color. It is the colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, violet and green. It is the color by it self. The project that taught me the most about HUE would be the Color Wheel.  We had to paint all of our colors and with the primary and secondary Hues we only had to paint one swatch. This made me a appreciate the Hue of the color because there wasn’t  a lot of painting involved. I only had to worry about the strokes of my brush and not the way the color was going to turn out. I also learned that some colors even in their purest form can be either warm or cold. I  had a different tempera paint then everyone else, in my set me red was cold and my orange was warm. This made those two colors appears differently on my color wheel. It didn’t make a big difference but I could see it, when we all put our projects up on the board. Presenting the Color Wheel was fun, as was doing that project.

Saturation or Intensity is how bright or dull a color can be. I utilized saturation in the final project. The middle panels on both the A and B board were suppose to be very intense. While putting my pattern together for those two panels, it was bothering my eyes. In the first bright panel the red triangles against the blue background was hard to look at. They were both bright colors so while laying them I had to keep blinking to keep my eyes focused on what I was putting down and not on how intense the colors were. The other panel with intensity was the second one on the contemporary side. The background of that one was an intense purple and the triangle were a dull green. It  looked like they were coming off of the page, this one was especially hard to look at for a long period of time. Intensity is hard to look at, when the colors are too intense.

Value is the light and darkness of a color. It was the first part of color we learned about but I didn’t quite understand it until we did the ten line problem. I found it challenging to match up the same value of the gray scale with those of the colored scale. The grays had such slight variations in their lightness that painting those variation with color was hard. I tried to paint as many light values as I had dark values but in the end i ended up having to many dark values. The value of a color can change slightly from gray rectangle to the next that finding those slight differences in color was no easy task. I repainted some of my squares towards the end of the project but still couldn’t get the matches on some of the values just right. Value is the hardest out of all three to work with because if a color is to light or dark it will mess up the entire look of the project.

I learned the most from the Color Wheel. It was the first time we were painting with color. I had to make sure I had a better quality of line with the brush strokes. I also learned how to change the value and saturation of a color just by adding black or white. Way to many times during that project I added to much black to a color or not enough white. By the end I had it down to science, how much black or white to add to what color. Besides mixing paint we also got to create our own design for the color wheel. I choose a flower because I love all types of flowers. I was so happy with my final product, my flower turned out great.

My favorite project of the quarter was the distance project. It was the first one that we could use our color aid which meant no more painting. I was thrilled about that. I choose distance instead of emphasis because I thought it would be harder to do. I liked that I could change the saturation and size of my bows and it made them appear as though they were getting farther and farther away. The one challenge I had with my distance project was my background I had to make sure it didn’t over power my bows. In the end I don’t think it did. I also liked the colors inmy project they weren’t to bright or to dull. They were exactly the way I like my pinks and greens to look. Distance was a fun project to do.


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Colored Pictures :)

the yellow on the miscarera is eye catching. Maybline probably made it that way so that it would be. they made the lettering violet because violet and yellow are compliments.

This style of yellow is not as bright as the one in the commercial picture. It's the color of the time and used in a lot of different buildings.

This is a giraffe that my roommate painted in our mod. It's from Disney classic The Lion King.

For orange I choose the orange she is holding in the picture. It's not a huge orange but still noticeable.

There are spots of orange around the edge of this photo. This brings your eye to the outer part of the picture The red rectangles around the edge of this picture frame the photo that's on the inside.

His button on his chest is orange. It is the orange of the time or the way the picture is drawn.

The red flower on her face brings your eyes right there. I didn't see her eyes until i looked at the picture for awhile.

Napoleon's red cloak is the main focus in this picture. It shows his authority through how vibrant it is.

This red violet shoe is different but still common enough that it will sell well.
Thia is the elephant on the other side of my mod. Again it was drawn by roommate to represent one of the elephants from The Lion King.
The picture frame is an odd color which is why it’s very eye catching.

The violet back round of this picture is eye catching. Especially since the person is black.

The violet in this room are ascents. It brings the room together and it also brings some color into the room.

The violet hippo in this picture is cute. It is on the outside of one our bathrooms in the convocation center.

The blue sky behind this model is a good contrast to her light skin. The dark bathing suit and her dark hair is also a good contrast.

Napoleon's coat is very official blue. It shows off his authority, and lets people know he has presence.

This is a picture of one of the characters from the movie Car's. It is the blanket on my roommates bed.

These are odd colors of these shoes are different but are in style for the Victorian time.
The blue green of her nails are eye catching and such a pretty color.

This is a blue green pen sitting on my desk. I love the color that it writes.

The green mountain dew machine is the only thing i see at first glance. It makes me think of mountain dew and how good it tastes. That is probably the point of this picture.

This green is used to compliment the pink trim and the picture in the middle.

The green from the leaves bring color into the mod. The walls are so bland, now with the green they aren't.

The yellow green is not a main point of this picture but it brings my eye up to the top of this picture.

The yellow green window and door are a great contrast to the blue and gold walls.

This is a picture of a container on my desk. I choose it because I liked the yellow green lid.

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Black and White Pictures :)

For Easter every year my family and i always make Jello Eggs. I liked the diversity of the colors, the blue ones attract my eye and they taste very good too :).

There are nine values in this picture. I look at the darker values first but i like the transparency of the lighter ones. It’s cool how different these eggs look in black and white.

My favorite colors are pink and purple and I love flowers. This is why I  choose this as my sheets for college. The main part of this picture are the purple and pink flowers.

In the black and white photo there are six values. I notice the leaves in this picture. Obviously I notice the flowers but i like the value of the leaves in this photo better than the colored leaves in the other photo.

I made hard boiled eggs for Easter 🙂

I choose this picture because I liked all of the different colors. My family and I died the eggs and  then put on the foil over the color. We used the glue that came with the kit and we were able to get these colors to stick. The eggs are so pretty.

In this picture there are fourteen different value’s. Unlike the colored picture in this one you really notice the foil on the eggs. Since you can no longer see the color of them, the focal part of this picture is now the foil on the eggs.

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expectations and reflection

I hope to learn how different colors interact with each other. What colors portray certain emotions. The history behind color, the people and events involved in that history. I would like learn about the art of painting and what kind of effect that can have on color. I also want to learn about the different types of color and why there are so many. I expect this class to have lots of projects. I think it’s going to be a challenging class, I haven’t taken this type of class before. I expect each project to have many different steps and within each step there are going to be complicated little steps.  I’m going to learn about many different colors and their compliments. I hope to become a creative person, I would like to learn how color can affect me.

I think Andy Warhol was trying to portray Von Goethe’s color wheel throughout his image.  He it looks like he was trying to use like colors in each image, one’s that would provide different focal points in each painting. He used the same shades on Goethe’s color wheel in his painting. He was showing off Goethe as a person bu using the different colors. Andy Warhol was expressing himself through this picture. He was trying to show off his craft. Warhol is making his staple in time with this painting. It is contemporary and different. He wasn’t afraid to be unique and paint what he wanted. Warhol was ahead of his time and many artists after him looked to him for inspiration

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